Conserving Paper is Important

Now that we are in the digital age and devices are all over the place, there is less of a need for paper and this is very good news. Pollution from deforestation has caused major problems with the climate of this planet and, quite some time ago, we realized we need to start recycling paper and other goods as much as possible. On the other end, we can also stop using paper so much. The grocery list no longer has to go on a notepad, does it? You can easily use an app on your phone or tablet to make a list for the store and save the paper.

The same thing goes for documents. Certainly, some documents do need to be printed out. Try to use both sides of the paper if at all possible. Otherwise, most documents can be easily exchanged and read by large numbers of people on devices and computers. Why do you really need a hard copy in your hand when you can pull it up anytime? This is a major move to reduce paper pollution and reduce deforestation. We can all make a major difference by switching to digital documents and digital document transfers. This also helps keep organization at a top level.

Digital reading devices are quickly replacing books. It may seem sad to those who are sentimental, but it is essential that we reduce our use of paper in all forms. This does not mean books cannot be printed. There are environmentally friendly paper materials like hemp which can be used. The idea, however, is to switch to digital reading and document exchange as a primary mode for written communication. This will save many trees and reduce the trash piles significantly. This is the time to use technology and innovation to help save the planet. Start using digital media instead of paper media.