Key Things to Consider When Hiring a Maid Service in San Diego

By | July 4, 2017

If you live in San Diego and are thinking about hiring a maid service provider then there are some key things you need to consider prior to making any commitments. Prior to screening any potential San Diego maid service provider you should define how much money you are willing to spend on these services. Prices vary but it helps to have a ballpark figure on what you can afford to spend before starting the review process. After you have worked out how much money you can allocate for the maid services you can begin identifying all of the San Diego maid service providers.

Proper Way to Screen Prospective Maid Service Providers

San Diego maid service

The initial step is to visit the maid service providers website and find out how long they have been providing these maid services in San Diego. Try to give preference to organizations with more than ten years activity. To find out how long the maid companies have been in operation you can visit their website. While reviewing their website you can also assess the overall professionalism of the prospective maid service provider. If the website does not look professional then you can remove that organization from your list of candidates.

After you have established which of these service providers have professional looking websites the next thing you should do is find out whether they are fully insured. If you hired a maid that was not insured and they injured themselves on the job you could be open to a lawsuit so insist on dealing exclusively with maid service providers that are fully insured.

Scheduling Face-to-Face Meetings

When you have established which of the prospective maid service providers are professional you should book a face-to-face meeting with them. This meeting will give you the opportunity to “get to know” the prospective maid company. During this meeting the representative will be able to assess your cleaning needs and come up with a customized quote. This quote should be in writing and clearly define what services you are going to be receiving for the money being spent.

You should get competing quotes from a minimum of five (5) different maid service providers so you can perform a comprehensive price comparison. While comparing the prices that are being charged you may consider reaching out to the maid agencies with a higher quote and find out whether they are willing to meet or beat the one you have. This approach does not work all of the time but it should give you greater negotiating power when you are trying to get the best possible value for your money.

If you stick with this process you should have no major problems getting the maid services you need at an affordable price so begin doing your review now that you know what to look for.