Dog Licking Paws? Wrap it Up and Treat the Issue

By | June 26, 2017

Pet owners who notice their dog licking his paws probably do not put a lot of thought into why he is doing this, but perhaps that should change. A dog licking his paws excessively can lead to an array of health problems and concerns, or it might be caused by such a problem. You should take your pet to the vet if you notice that he is licking his paws often. The vet can help you determine why dog licking paws and provide treatment for the problem.

The veterinarian is likely to prescribe many different medications to treat the issue at hand and to prevent further problems. Anti-inflammatory medications and those for pain are commonly given to pets if skin irritation causes the problem. Sometimes the dog may lick due to fleas/mites, and in such instances, the vet will recommend the use of flea treatments. Your vet may also recommend that you change the food that you are feeding your pet, and make other lifestyle changes.

Pet owners who want to go the extra mile to protect their pet should also use a wrap for the procedure. Wraps are placed on the paws, preventing your dog from licking and causing further problems for himself. Many veterinarians agree that using a wrap is beneficial, and so will you.

Some of the reasons that it is ideal to use a wrap if your dog won’t stop licking his paws:

–    The wrap is easy to put on the dog and easy to remove.

–    The wrap is affordable, with a product for all dog breeds and sizes

–    The wrap prevents further irritation to the skin. Problems such as hot spots are often to blame for this problem. If the dog continues licking the spot, it causes it to spread, making treatment far more difficult than originally.

dog licking paws

–    Wraps are cool and comfortable and may work to minimize some of the discomfort that your pet feels

These are just some of the many reasons why the use of a wrap is ideal. The wraps are easily found at many pet stores, and they are sold for dogs of all breed, size, and weights. They are especially beneficial for smaller dogs, but may be used on any of them.

If you notice your pet is licking his paws too often, do not pass it off as no big deal when it may be just the opposite. You should schedule an appointment with the vet to learn why he is doing this, and begin treatment for the problem as quickly as possible. And, of course, you should purchase a wrap to place over the area as it is healing.

Wraps for dog paws are a great thing to have on hand because such a problem is common and can occur out of nowhere. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. With a wrap, this is exactly what you get!